Live it: Dulwich Picture Gallery

One of the very many great things about my job is that I get to go and see other museums and galleries as research.

I have been passionate about museums and galleries for as long as I can remember.  I studied to be a designer, then a curator and now I work at The Lightbox which enables me to combine both things whilst also assisting children and adults to learn new arts and crafts things in my education role.

Part of my role is currently to develop a new funded older people strand to our education programme and the Dulwich Picture Gallery have been doing great things for over 8 years now, so it seemed like the perfect place to visit and gain knowledge from them.

They run a very successful older people programme with; 'Good times' which gives groups the chance to find out more about paintings and a cup of tea and catch up afterwards; there is also their 'Prescription for art' programme which gives individuals a chance to come together to learn a new arts skill.  These are both very successful and long running programmes which we are very interested in learning from for a pilot programme later this year at The Lightbox.

It also happened to be a lovely sunny day and with their gardens outside the gallery, it was a lovely place to sit and wait as I was a little early.

Dulwich Picture Gallery is England first Public Art Gallery; it was founded in 1811 when Sir Francis Bourgeois RA bequeathed his collection of old masters “for the inspection of the public”.  It is certainly a very different place to The Lightbox.  The works are from the 17th and 18th century and are an introduction to the Baroque style, more information on the gallery and the collection can be found here.

The Skylights above give the gallery much needed light and keep it from being dull inside.  It was a very sunny day when I went but I think the skylights would have the same effect on a dull day.  There is currently a special exhibition on alongside the permanent collection - Murillo & Justino de neve: the art of friendship.  This exhibition has been given a different feel to it with grey walls and a very church-like effect display.

I love checking out different museums and galleries and have been known to drag my friends to them on holidays and days out.  I love discovering new places too and Dulwich Picture Gallery was one I have not been to before.  It is definitely well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area and the Dulwich Park is lovely to walk around too after perhaps a cake in the Gallery Cafe - they looked amazing!

What's your favourite Gallery or let me know where you recommend?

Live it